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Labor insurance gloves material classification

Labor insurance gloves material classification

Trade News
2018/03/02 17:21
Labor insurance gloves are tools used by people to protect their hands from harm. The protective gloves also have acrylic gloves, cotton gloves, latex gloves and leather gloves:
Acrylic gloves are a type of line gloves. As the name suggests, yarn gloves are the "cotton yarns" that we know. Cotton yarns are usually woven from cotton and are called "cotton yarns". Cotton yarn is an indispensable thing for us to make cloth on the human body. On this basis, people can also weave this cotton yarn into "gloves" and wear them in gloves to protect labor. Cotton gauze gloves are the most widely used ones in the online glove wholesale market.
So what kind of cotton yarn is us that can be used on gloves. At present, 98% of the gloves are made of “recycled cotton yarn”, and few departments use “original cotton yarn” to make gloves.
Recycled cotton yarn is usually a kind of "cotton yarn" woven from garments and textile scraps. This cotton yarn is cheap, so it has occupied 98% of the cotton yarn gloves market. Therefore, it is hoped that cotton yarn gloves should be selected according to their own homework requirements. Simply look at (listen) the price. Used in cotton yarn gloves is usually about 5.5 yarn sticks, pay attention! Recycled cotton yarn is generally "polyester cotton yarn", "no" pure cotton yarn", if you want to use pure cotton yarn gloves, you must select "original cotton yarn" containing 100% cotton, the color is generally original white, and the recycled cotton yarn has 2 colors. 1 is white, 2 is bleached white.
The gloves made of raw cotton yarn and polyester yarn are white. Please pay attention to the color of the gloves. The yarn material of the gloves can be determined according to the color. The original cotton yarn is usually made of 8-21 yarn. The density of cotton gloves is usually 7 and 10, pay attention! Most of the 7-pin are heavy-weight gloves, because the 10-pin is 22 cm in length of the same glove, the maximum weight is 60 g/pair (pair), and the recycled cotton yarn can reach 65 g/double. It can't be bigger anymore, because the glove breakage rate is high during the big production process!